Vertiefungsseminar CRM-Traumatherapie 2020

Dr. Barclay hat 4 Tage lang, von Donnerstag, 30. Januar bis Sonntag, 2. Februar 2020 in die ressourcenorientierte und besonders effektive Traumatherapiemethode Comprehensive Resource Model eingeführt, die vor allem für Menschen mit komplexer posttraumatischer Belastungsstörung geeignet ist.

Das Seminar wurde in deutsch abgehalten, nachdem sich Dr. Barclay nach einem Tag mit Hilfe seines deutsch sprechenden Krafttieres zugetraut hat, seine Deutschkenntnisse aus alten Zeiten anzuwenden.

Die Teilnehmenden waren überwiegend begeistert. Sie hatten die Chance, diese Einführung das letzte Mal komprimiert in 4 Tagen zu erleben. Die Einführung wird ab nun nur noch für 5 Tage angeboten, da die Stoff- und Übungsfülle sonst nicht unterzubringen ist.


Für den Herbst/Winter 2020 ist ein Supervisionswochenende mit Dr. Barclay persönlich geplant, voraussichtlich wieder im Aquariana.

Dazu werden die Termine rechtzeitig abgestimmt und bekannt gegeben.

Mindestteilnahmezahl für dieses Wochenende ist 12.


Weiterhin finden 2 ONLINE-Supervisionstermine mit Lisa Schwarz bzw. ihre Vertreterin Eliza statt.

Der erste Termin war am 28. März über ZOOM, der nächste Termin ist noch offen.


Wer Bedarf an Supervision hat, kann sich gern an die OrganisatorInnen wenden:

Detlef Meyer, Cecile Kossmann und Friederike Masz.



Hier ein Text mit der englischen Beschreibung und Bewertungen von bekannten Traumatherapeut*innen:

The Comprehensive Resource Model


The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) is a neuro-biologically based trauma treatment model which facilitates targeting of traumatic experiences by bridging the most primitive aspects of the person and their brain, to their purest, healthiest part of the self. This bridge catalyzes the mind and body to access all forms of emotional trauma and stress by utilizing layers of internal resources such as attachment neurobiology, breathwork skills, somatic resources, our connection to the natural world, toning and sacred geometry, and one’s relationship with self, our intuition, and higher consciousness. The sequencing and combination of these resources, and the eye positions that anchor them, provide the opportunity for fear responses to be cleared thoroughly while the client is fully aware and present moment to moment. CRM allows individuals to effectively orient fully towards the most frightening material, uniquely accessing and clearing the origin of the split-second moments of intolerable affect that result in defense responses which lead to life-interfering symptoms, addictions, and disconnection from self and others. The potential for clearing neurobiological debris from the nervous system clears the way for positive neuro-plasticity and personal expansion whether that is seen as spiritual or otherwise, and which is separate from one’s history of pain and woundedness.




Lisa Schwarz is an innovative and highly skilled clinician. She has worked for many years practicing and teaching a technically eclectic, yet conceptually integrated method of psychotherapy. She thoroughly understands the principles of my Trauma Model and I am honored that she has seen fit to incorporate it into her Comprehensive Resource Model."


Colin A. Ross, M.D., Author: Trauma Model Therapy


"I am very impressed with the Comprehensive Resource Model and with its developer(s). Its thorough, integrated approach is unusual and very valuable."


Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Hardwiring Happiness:

 The New Brain Science of Calm, Contentment, and Confidence


"It is a true pleasure to be able to recommend Lisa Schwarz’s trainings. Her Comprehensive Resource Model is creative, intelligent, innovative, and effective. Lisa’s keen therapeutic sense, her authenticity, and her emphasis on empowering and supporting internal resources while working through overwhelming states and experiences, offer clinicians important tools for the very challenging work of resolving trauma. Her work with dissociation is similarly creative and effective. Not only have I enjoyed learning from Lisa directly, but have also seen the powerful and positive effect her teaching has had on the work being done by colleagues who have studied and consulted with her in their work with challenging dissociative disorder dynamics encountered in their practices. And, Lisa’s continuing expansion and deepening of what she offers as trainings is the best reason to see what she’s up to now."


Nancy J. Napier, LMFT

 Author of Getting Through the Day, Recreating Your Self, and Sacred Practices for Conscious Living


Lisa Schwarz hat mit Co-Autoren ihre Erfahrungen und ihre Methode in einem Buch beschrieben:


The Comprehensive Resource Model

Effective therapeutic techniques for the healing of complex trauma.


Verlag: Routledge
zuerst publiziert 2017

als Paperback 2018
270 bzw. 250 Seiten

ISBN 978-1138916005